Monday, August 3, 2009

I arrived in Hawaii last week Thursday and basically just chilled out at home for the night. Friday morning was spent in a meeting with my business partners Randy and Laura going over, in detail, all the things I did while in Indiana. I had to leave early on Friday, around 2:00p because I volunteered to referee an inline hockey tournament in Mililani Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday...18 games later I managed to survive! I can't wait until next weekend so I can play again, missed two weeks of playing between traveling and the tournament this weekend and NO that wasn't a typo and you didn't read it wrong...I play inline hockey, come watch if you dare :)

Anyway, I heard back from some of the offers I made. As it stands now I have one accepted and one still pending. Let me tell you about the one that was accepted, I think you'll like the approach I used.

I made the offer and of course within two days I was told they had multiple offers on the property and they wanted my "highest and best" offer. So, my highest and best offer was my original price (which was a cash offer), but I made my earnest money match my offer price and removed all contingencies from the offer, crazy right? Not at all...keep in mind that I had already previewed this property, had repair estimates and knew what I was buying. So removing the contingencies didn't worry me because at my offer price I WILL buy the property. I received an email this morning saying my offer was accepted. The nice thing about this strategy is it shows the seller that, 1-you are serious about buying, 2-you're obviously going to close the deal and 3-they won't have to worry about any contingencies killing the makes for a very attractive offer even if they have higher bids.

I'm still waiting on one more offer and have a couple of properties I'm looking at making offers on tomorrow, since it's already 11pm in Indiana there isn't much point in making an offer today. I'll let you know how my other offer turns out and any new ones I write.

Now I have to finish our Realestate-Extreme newsletter for our meeting on Thursday night, I'm guessing Miles (Laura's husband and our printer) would probable prefer to already have it.

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bh said...

Great posts--I just got back from Idaho and am catching up on your blog. Thanks for sharing your experience with all. We'll have a lot to talk about at next Master Mind meeting.

This is 2nd cmt, not sure 1st one got through.