Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One more day until the buying tour starts

We've had a few more busy days, it's about 6pm and I think this is the earliest we've made it back to our hotel. Sad thing is we've been looking at a TON of properties and meeting with a TON of new people, but neither the people nor the property have really excited us.

But, that's why we come here and do our due dilegence so we know we are working with and creating long term relationships with people we trust. We have written three offers, unfortunately two of them basically had offers pending/accepted the same day we were submitting ours so that's two down the drain. We submitted another offer today so we'll see what happens.

We've also been checking up on our contractor for the two properties we have being rehabbed and the nice thing is EVERY time we went by either property there was someone there working...so that's a good thing. For those of you coming on the tour you'll get to meet the contractor we've been using.

We also took a drive by a couple of properties that other investors have purchased while on the tour and all the properties looked good. Some issues with one of them so we made a phone call on Monday to adress them and stopped by there today and again soeone was ther working on the property and taking care of the issue.

Tonight we have to pick up one person at the aiport and everyone else starts arriving at like 8:30 in the morning and they arrive all day. I think we have a group at 8:30ish, 10:30isn and the last group around 3ish. We are also squeezing in a meeting at noon and our tour kicksoff at 6:30pm with our meet and greet at the hotlel with all the power team members and participants, it's a great time.

I'll keep you posted how the tour goes and what else comes up over the next few days.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Couple of Days!

Well, we managed to get up about 8:30am on Friday and got some breakfast and headed off to our bank. We met briefly with the Branch Manager Marilou. Marilou and one of the loan officers from Regions Bank are part of our power team here and will be joining us on our tour next week.

After that we headed off to our closing on one of the properties I contracted last trip here. There was one small issue with the closing, but it was no real concern of ours. It was just the agents were going to get their commission checks, but again no cocern of ours we took our documents and hit the road leaving the agents to figure out why/how they are getting paid.

After leaving the closing we headed off to meet a contractor, Don, to walk through a couple of our properties to get a better handle of what needed to be done. The issue was we had a couple of bids sent to us but they were so far apart, NOT in price, but in what needed to be done we had to walk through the property to figure it out. One contractor said we should replace seven interior doors ($1,250) the other contractor had no mentione of doors. One said clean the carpet, one said replace the carpet, well which is it? Once walking through the property we and the contractor had a better understanding of what we wanted done. Agreeing to the work and the price they were going to start work first thing Saturday.

After that we headed off to Dayton to view that commercial property. We met our agent at the property and spent about an hour looking at the property. It's a 12,900 sq ft that is currenlty owned and used by the Boy Scouts who are looking to sell it and move into a new building. There are a lot of issues with the property and we estimated a good 75-100k in rehab, which when doing that kind of work could easily go higher. Though the property is being offered at a fair price we think that due to the work, the area and the fact that when the Boy Scouts leave it's vacant we decided it's probable not the best place for our money at this time. It has been listed for a very long time and we have some people doing some research for us to see if we might make a low offer just to see. We had a couple of more meetings at our office and at a couple of local food places with our insurance guy, HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) guy and  with the President of the Greater Dayton Real Estate Investors Associatoin. We got back to the hotel about 10:30p. Oh, on the way back to Indy we stopped at a Mobile Home Park that we are interested in. We are waiting for more information on that.

Today, Saturday we headed to our proeprty about 10am to drop of a couple of checks to our contractor and they were already hard at work on one of our properties. Those coming on the tour will be able to see this property and the quality of work the contractor does. Once we finished up there we stopped for lunch and then headed to another property we have in escrow. I'm not sure when we'll close on that one because the seller has some title issues they have to get taken care of before we can close on it. We left there and met with a couple of local investors, both of which are newer investors and basically wholesalers. They gave us a couple of properties to check out so we did some driving around to look at a few. While viewing their properties we got a call from another investor and met with him too.

We spent a few hours with each of the investors and actually looked at a couple of properties into the night of darkness with one of them. We've made an appointment with him to go out tomorrow and view more properties. I think we are meeting at noon.

Well that brings you up to date...I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Arrived In Indiana

Aloha Everyone,

Randy and I arrived in Indiana this afternoon about 3pm. After picking up our car we headed off to a property that we are closing on tomorrow at 11am and then we stopped by a property that we have being rehabbed. We checked into the hotel about 5pm and then went out to grab some dinner where we also ordered the food for our Buying Tour's Meet & Greet on Wednesday night here in Indiana.

Tonight we've been catching up on emails and setting appointments for the next week. Tomorrow morning we are heading off to the bank that we use here in Indiana. On Tuesday I had them wire funds for a closing we have scheduled tomorrow at 11am. After our closing we are heading off to Dayton to take care of business over there and to check out a commercial property we've had our eye on.

Saturday morning we have an appointment to spend time with a local investor here to see what it is he does and/or what properties he might have available for our tour. Other than that we have nothing else scheduled at the time of this post with the exception of our SOLD OUT tour which starts next week Wednesday the 23rd and goes through the 27th.

I'll update you tomorrow on the outcome of the commercial property and anything else we do or get set up by then.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back in Hawaii

Sorry for falling behind it was a crazy last few days in Indiana.

So, Friday I previewed about a dozen properties for our upcoming tour later this month. They are all from one investor that is liquidating some of his inventory. I believe he said he owns over 60 properties and is selling about a dozen of them. They will all fit nicely into the tour and are anywhere from 60-75% or so of value.

Friday afternoon I was supposed to get hooked up with Steve but I ran about an hour late and he other appointments later in the day so we ended up missing each other. He did email me a bunch of stuff but I'm still going over it. I'm sure some of it will be on our tour.

The weekend I spent crunching numbers and working on some new things both HiREI and Realestate-Extreme will have coming up, which you guys will love. I also went out and did a short video for someone that has a property they just purchased or will be purchasing where they had some work done and wanted to see how it came out.

I don't recall how many offers I wrote while I was there but as it stands now...I have had one offer accepted and actually spent this morning signing documents and Laura was kind enough to run them over to FedEx to get them there by Friday. The property has a value of 90-95k and I think we'll make it available for around 60k after it's fixed, not sure on those numbers yet so don't hold me to them. I have one offer being held as a "back-up offer" as they have accepted another before receiving mine. I have two offers that I have not heard back on so at this point I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I had a few counter offers of "highest and best" and I basically have not responded to any of them and just withdrew my offer.

As it stand now, we have closed on one property and will begin rehab and have two properties in escrow with two offers still pending. I imagine on the two in escrow we will close on them before the tour.

Randy and I are heading back to Indy on the 16th to check on things and get set up for the tour. We'll be staying until the 1st of October which will have us there a good two weeks.

I'm now getting ready for the HiREI meeting tomorrow night.