Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to Indiana

Well I meant to start this back up about a week ago but I've been so busy getting ready for our next SOLD OUT tour to Indiana I just kept putting it off. Anyway, it's now Tuesday about 8pm and I'm back in Indianapolis. I left Hawaii on Monday, flew all night and arrived this morning. I quickly drove by and inspected a property that another investor purchased from our last tour, which still needs some work. After that I went by a property that we just got under contract so I figured I should at least go take a look at it and I was pleasantly surprised with the location and it's condition. It's going to be a great property.

Then it was a quick lunch and off to the hotel to check in. I caught up on email and made some appointments. Tomorrow I'm meeting with an investor around noon to view properties all afternoon. I also set up an appointment for Friday at 11a to also view some properties with another investor.

So, now it's about 2:30p and I headed off to the escrow company to sign some closing documents on a property we purchased and should get the keys to tomorrow to start rehabbing it. I have a couple of contractors going out there tomorrow to get us some bids.

Okay now that I know to look for comments on the post :) be sure to make comments or ask questions and I'll be sure to answer them this time.


Unknown said...

Hi Paul,

Does it mean you did not know the location and condition of the property before you got it under the contract?

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Annie M.

Unknown said...

(Question Continued) How did you find out and decide to buy this one?

Gail M Slawson, MBA said...
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Gail M Slawson, MBA said...

Hi Paul - Good luck on your continued adventures in Indianapolis.

If you run across any good deals on multi-families, senior living facilities, mobile home parks or self storage facilities please let me know.

I'll be checking back daily. Thanks for providing this valuable service. Looking forward to learning from the master.

Gail M. Slawson, MBA
OceanHead Investment Group

Unknown said...

Our LENNA CT property finishe dup nicely but I've asked for more work: fence, electric light in garage and driveway extension.
I put earnest money down for two more with Ryan. One should finish rehab about the time of the Sept tour.