Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tips for moving in winter

For many people moving during the winter is - if you'll excuse the pun - a cold reality. It seems that more companies transfer personnel during the first two months of the year.

This means that a lot of moving takes place during the winter months. The ice, snow, slippery roads and colder temperatures make moving more of a challenge than do it during the warm spring months.

These tips will help you stay safe during your winter moving day, whether you do it yourself of or hire a professional mover.

  1. To avoid slipping hazards shovel driveways and walkways before your truck arrives. Put down ice melt to all walkways between your house and the moving vehicle. Don't forget the back entrance!

  2. Dress in layers to stay warm. As the day heats up and you start to work up a sweat, you can always remove a layer.

  3. Constantly walking back and forth from a warm house to the cold outside is hard on your body. Leave the heat and electricity on in your home until you are completely moved out but leave the door open to balance the temperatures.

  4. Cover entrance ways and floors with old sheets or tarps to avoid tracking mud and snow in.

  5. Keep towels by the doors to wipe snow from dolly wheels as you come in and out.

  6. Make sure you have enough extra moving pads to protect your belongings from the elements. Also make sure moving pads remain dry at all times.

  7. Last things to load onto the truck are shovel and ice melt so you can clear the loading area at your new home.

  8. With a high center of gravity and shifting weight in the back, driving a moving truck is completely different from driving any other vehicle. Stopping, especially on snow and ice, presents a challenge even for experienced drivers.

  9. Keep the moving ramp clean and dry while loading and unloading.

  10. If you are transporting any live plants, they should go in your vehicle or in the cab of your rented moving truck. They could freeze if you move them in the cargo hold of the truck.

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